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Watch: Usman Mirza case, Islamabad harassment Victims Jailed Video went Viral

Who is Usman Mirza, the victim of an Islamabad harassment case who has been jailed in a video that has gone viral on Dailymotion, Twitter, and YouTube:

Rape, blackmail, and theft are all on the rise these days. We must put a stop to these crimes. If we do not intervene, it will escalate to a higher level. We must use social media to raise our voices and say “enough is enough.” We want to be free of these crimes and live in a world that is peaceful. A case has recently surfaced in which Usman Mirza was accused of blackmailing a couple. In essence, the couple had just married and had reserved a hotel for their honeymoon.

Usman Mirza: Who Is He?

Unfortunately, the room that the couple had reserved was not available. Usman was also present. He was employed at the hotel. In that room, he also installed the cameras. It was illegal and against the law, but he didn’t seem to mind and ignored his boss’s advice. He only cares about one thing: money. Everything the couple did was recorded, and Usman was watching it all. Usman has now made two copies of the videos and has begun sending the couples short clips. The couple was initially unaware of the situation. But when it started happening on a regular basis, they became more concerned.

Harassment case against Usman Mirza in Islamabad

And Usman sent them a message that reads, If you don’t want the video to go viral on social media, you must pay Rs. 13 lakhs, otherwise it will be uploaded to the internet and seen by everyone. The couple was from Pakistan’s capital, Islamabad. Fortunately, the couple was astute. Usman is two steps ahead of them. Within two days, they have apprehended him and arrested him.


Usman Mirza Explained in Video

Four other people were allegedly involved in the crime, and they will be apprehended soon. He is now in prison and has been sentenced to a life sentence. The case involved harassment and blackmail against a couple, and eight people were named as prime suspects. They’ve also been watched by the police. Usman was a Pakistani national who deserved to be punished. He harassed a couple in Islamabad. He was fined Rs. 200,00 by the cops. If he does not give it in six months, the amount will gradually increase.


Age, Family, and Wife for Usman Mirza

When it comes to his family, he has a lot of things to say. We were unable to obtain any information about his family as a result. However, he is almost certainly married. His family, including his wife and children, had yet to be discovered. We will certainly notify you if any new information becomes available. Follow this site until then.

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