WATCH: Umbrella Girl West Bengal Suicide Video Viral on Twitter and Reddit

WATCH: Umbrella Girl West Bengal Suicide Video Viral on Twitter and Reddit:

There has been a shocking video that has been going viral all around the Internet. The girl that is featured in the video is Shampa Haldar, who has allegedly committed suicide and is named Umbrella Girl. We will be talking all about the girl and what is the scene going on that has created panic among the netizens. We will also talk about whether the news is actually true or not. There have been rumors that the Umbrella girl from West Bengal had taken her own life and is dead.

Is Umbrella Girl dead or alive?

The information that has been available so far about the Umbrella girl is that she was a higher secondary student and had recently got her results from the Board exams. The government had taken a big decision and passed the students who had failed the exam. But it may have been too late when the girl failed the English exam. The reason was that she had failed along with 100 others in the subject. The lockdown was one of the reasons that kids were not able to study properly and this led to them failing in the offline exams. But, the question still remains as to whether the girl actually committed suicide or are these just rumors based on a video that went viral on the Internet.

Who was Umbrella Girl?

The Umbrella girl was a regular girl that went to a regular school. However, she went on a strike alongside some of the other students and demanded they get to pass the exams as failure would make them unable to proceed to a higher level. They had blocked the road and had been on a strike to object to the Education Minister of the state. The video of these students went viral and these videos can be seen that this might be the reason that the girl committed suicide as she was not able to pass the exam. But, it was later found out to be fake news that was spread to gain fame.

Umbrella Girl Death News

There have been a lot of incidents that can be seen in the country that has given rise to the doubt regarding the current system of education that has left the many children in so much doubt that they feel depressed and sometimes think of even the extreme measures. This is why we need a complete revamp of the current education system.

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