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Watch: TikTok star Romaisa Khan’s new dance video goes viral

Who is Romaisa Khan?

Romaisa Khan is a well-known model and TikTok celebrity. She is renowned for her charm, adorable smile, and beauty. She is best known for her humorous video clips, dancing videos, and TikTok lip sync performances (

Romaisa Khan, a TikTok celebrity who has the public fascinated on her exploits, is currently ruling hearts thanks to her sharp wit, sense of humour, and undeniable charisma.

This time was no different as the well-known social media sensation uploaded her brand-new dance video along with other entertaining movies and dancing performances.

Romaisa Khan’s new dance video

I participated in the #NoItchNoGlitch dance challenge! I totally loved dancing to this amazing jingle and the moves were so cool.

“HeadandShouldersNeem offers up to 100% dandruff protection while reducing itching on the scalp. It’s now your turn to show me your version,” she captioned the picture.


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