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WATCH: Switchblade Drone Leaked Video Viral on Twitter

Switchblade Drone Video Leaks on Twitter, Reddit, and Instagram: WATCH

The Russian military’s cruelty in Ukraine has been witnessed by the entire world for the past few weeks, and it does not appear to be coming to an end with a peace note, as the United States of America is providing Kamikaze drones to the Ukrainian army as part of a weapons programme to assist Ukraine in repelling the Russian invasion. The cost of this weapons programme is estimated to be around $800 billion, and it includes a hundred unnamed tactical drones.

Video of the Switchblade Drone

Since news outlets began covering the storey of this weapons programme, people have expressed an interest in learning more about the Kamikaze weapons and how they can aid Ukraine in the war. If you have the same curiosity, scroll down the page and look at the sections to learn more about Kamikaze weapons. There is a lot to discuss on this topic, so stay with this article for a while; it will only take a few minutes of your time.


Switchblade weapons are small suicide drones that ambush on impact and are essentially flying weapons. As we have learned, this weapon has a significant impact on the war. It’s a disposable drone with a small size that allows it to be carried in a bag. It is extremely fast and adaptable, cruising at around 100 km/h and carrying a guidance system, explosives to bomb targets, and cameras. Please see the following section of this article for more information on the Switchblade.


Video of the Switchblade Drone has been lea**ked on Twitter and Reddit.

Switchblade has a unique feature in that it can stop an operation at any time and change its target at the command of its operator, ensuring that its strikes are accurate and precise. Because it can be turned off at any time, this feature reduces the amount of damage to civilians and their property. Switchblade 600 and Switchblade 300 are two different types of flying weapons. In the last section of this storey, you can learn more about two different Switchblade versions.


The range of the Switchblade 300 is 10 kilometres, and it can fly for up to 15 minutes before attacking the target. This flying weapon, according to AeroVironment, uses real-time GPS coordinates and provides a high-quality live video stream for accurate target positioning with low side angle and effects. Its entire kit weighs only two and a half kilogrammes. We’ll keep you updated as more information becomes available.

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