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Watch: Singer Malu Trevejo Video Went Viral on Twitter

As we’ve all been scanning through viral headlines about lea**k videos and o.f accounts, you’ll be surprised to learn that your favourite artist, whose songs make you want to dance like crazy, is on o.f and selling her private photographs. Yes, we’re talking about Mara Luisa Trevejo, the well-known Cuban-born American singer better known as Malu Trevejo. Her O.F account was recently uncovered, and social media pages are abuzz with information about her.

The girl, on the other hand, has been maintaining her online fan following, but she rose to true stardom in 2015 thanks to her musicality, which we now know as TikTok. Since the news of her being on O.F. became public, not only her fans, but everyone who has ever known her has been eager to learn more about her account and the cost of viewing her private photographs and movies. Well, there’s no denying that the girl is one of the most popular singers, and her 11.2 million Instagram followers are proof of that.

Malu Trevejo: Who Is She?

Well, it isn’t bad to mention that the girl has a sizable fan base, which she has had since the beginning of her profession. Her debut track, “Luna Llena,” was produced by The Fliptones and received 33 million views on YouTube in just 7 weeks. When it comes to her singles, she has released more than 15 during the course of her career. Well, there is no doubt that the girl is one of the most prominent music artists in the world, and given that she is gaining even more fame since her name was added to the list of O.F models, you can guess how popular she will become in the future.

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