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Watch: Singapore Golden Mile Fight Video Goes Viral On Twitter

WATCH: A video of a fight in Singapore’s Golden Mile has gone viral on YouTube, Reddit, and Twitter:

Recently, it was reported that on April 14, a group of men were involved in a fight near the Golden Mile Complex, in which they first argued about a topic before fighting with each other. The reason for the brawl is unknown at this time. The four men have been arrested, and charges have been filed against him. Some people were injured as a result of this incident. Some people were seriously hurt, while others were only slightly hurt. In this article, we’ll talk about what happened at the Golden Mile Complex and why the guys were fighting.

The Golden Mile in Singapore

At around 2:40 a.m. on Thursday, four men aged 22 to 25 started fighting, according to reports. One of them was holding a silver-colored object that looked like a blade. He attacked one woman with that blade. Even the lady wasn’t strong enough to stop him. But she gives it her all. She was about 41 years old at the time. She had multiple cuts on her body and was now receiving treatment for them.


According to reports, the man used a chopper to slash his own wrists. The reason for this was unknown at the time. Maybe he’s trying to protect himself or prove to the cops that he wasn’t the one who was hurt. Someone else was the victim. Who knows what the precise reason is. Cops are investigating his case and are uncovering the truth.

Fight on the Golden Mile in Singapore

The incident occurred on Thursday, when everything seemed to be running smoothly. People were busy with their work, while others relaxed with their friends while sipping coffee. Then, all of a sudden, the incident occurs. Cops have closed the road for a while, causing some issues for passers-by. Perhaps cops have cleared the road at the time of writing. A fight that erupted earlier is also being investigated by cops.

When the news broke on the internet, I was shocked. Everyone was stunned, and the entire incident was covered by every news channel and website. The victim’s identity has not yet been revealed. The identity of the woman who was slashed has yet to be revealed. There was no information about their family.

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