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Watch: Salvio Twitter Video Viral All Over, CCTV Footage of the Incident Leaked

A new scandal involving the Boca junior team, Edward Salvio, and her ex-wife Bengali Arbi na, a mother of two children, has surfaced. According to the resources, the woman was assaulted and taken to the car with another woman. While standing in front of them, she was discussing a problem with their child. Stay tuned for more updates at the end of this article. According to the images that appear to have been captured by a security camera in this case. The woman is rudely drugged for several metres, as shown.

Twitter Video by Salvio

And this results in passers-by intervening, whereas the player is apprehended by the authorities after the assault. For the trauma, which was treated as a flexural formal partner in the right lower limb. According to the public, no public statements have been made, and no lawyers have been involved. Salvio is a Spanish player who plays for Atletico de Madrid and is a victim of gender violence, according to the officer. Following the filing of the complaint, this has begun to make headlines.

Toto Salvio Drove Magal Aravena With His Car, According to Surveillance Video

Where Ram heard with a car at full speed, this footballer’s name is trending on Twitter, sparking a heated debate about whether he is innocent or guilty. Salvio’s point of view emerged shortly after the officer was injured in the evening while committing gender-based violence, but he came forward to prove his innocence and said he would provide evidence. He made himself available to teachers and lawyers after all.

Toto Salvio: Who Is He?


When you arrive at the office. Minor Injuries is the name given to this file. And in the context of gender violence, we will see salvio in his writing or it is a common way, and then the case will determine whether we should have to provide the elephants or not, after he dragged his ex-wife Magali Aravena. According to the lawyers for these footballers, it should be declared on a short that the striker will do so. After a violent incident with her wife, many images of this player were released.

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