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Watch: Poison Web Series DigiMovieplex All Episodes

There’s one more web series on the way. This week is the week. Poison is the title of the web series. With the name digimovieplex, it is ready to be released on a brand new OTT platform. This ott platform was recently launched. Erotic drama is said to be the web series’ genre. The web series is set to premiere on April 21, 2022. Stay tuned to our article for updates on this poison web series, which will premiere on DigiMovieplex. We’re here to show you everything there is to know about this web series.

Web Series Poison All Episodes of DigiMovieplex

The cast of the web series Poison has been updated by its creators. The main character in the web series was Jojo Sonia Gaurav. The story of the web series Poison revolves around a painter named Dev. He considers himself to be an excellent creator. He paints art portraits of his models and believes that all of them are dolls. He wants to have se**xual, physical, and mental fun with them. They have a servant named Anup as well. Anup, the servant, learns about his master, who molests and plays with all of the models.

DigiMovieplex – Poison Web Series – Plot & Release Date

They’ve simply taken advantage of every model available. Anup now wishes to exact vengeance on behalf of all models. To learn everything there is to know about the poison web series, you must watch it on the Digimovieplex OTT platform. This exciting web series is eagerly anticipated by users of social media platforms. Everyone is eager to see it as quickly as possible. Aditya, who directs this exotic drama web series, is the director of the poison web series.

DigiMovieplex – Trailer & Release Date for Poison Web Series

Poison is said to be full of suspense and exotic elements. Dev, the main character, fulfils his desires by using young girls or models. He takes se**xual advantage of models. He is a vile individual who is only interested in lust. He lures young models and girls into his work by claiming that he pays them well and makes them famous. The needy and innocent girls fall into his trap. The girls are in desperate need of cash, so they agree to work for him. However, they are unaware of his true feelings. Dev takes advantage of them and molests them.

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