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Watch: Peter Panthier Jr. Death Video CCTV Went Viral

Good afternoon, everyone. I have some awful news to share with you. Previously, horrific footage of a well-known Brooklyn musician, Peter Panthier junior, went viral. According to some media outlets, he was shot at point-blank range while walking outside on Grasmere Terrace on Sunday. The surveillance video has already been distributed by the New York police department, and everyone is afraid. Fans and family members have taken to social media to express their sorrow.

Video of Peter Panthier Jr.’s Death

We would like to extend our heartfelt condolences and apologies to his family. Around 8 p.m., the whole thing happened. On Sunday, the entire murder was captured on videotape. We can see him silently and nonchalantly walking down the street in the footage, and then a man appears and shoots him. Drops to the ground in an instant, and the murderer flees. The name of the murderer has not been confirmed by any authorities, and they are still looking for him.

Peter Panthier Jr. was assassinated. Names of Suspects and Killers

He used to live in East New York, where he had a pleasant existence. After the sad incident, he was rushed to the nearest medical facility, Saint John’s Hospital, where physicians were unable to save his life. He was pronounced dead, and the news of his death quickly became a trending topic on social media. He was an immigrant from a Caribbean island, according to reports, and he was living with his family. Because of his passionate and cultural songs, he has amassed a large following.

Cause of Death, Funeral, and Obituary for Peter Panthier Jr.

He was also a high school science and mathematics teacher who secretly changed his career to music. He was immensely fond of Trinidad and Tobago’s traditional music, and everyone adored his songs and charisma, but he is no longer with us. Everyone will remember him for his life accomplishments, and he was a truly gifted artist. We’ll be returning with additional details about the medication, as well as the hope that an assassin will be apprehended.

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