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Watch: Nikita Jasmine Face Surgery Pics Viral On Social Media

Nikita Jasmine, a 27-year-old TV personality, is known for her glitz and appearances on dating and couple shows. The model’s body is said to have undergone changes as a result of her undergoing surgery to achieve the body she now has. The changes are visible in the pictures of herself that she posts on her Instagram account. Her most recent update, which she gave during a social media interaction, stated that she has noticed changes in her body as a result of the surgeries. She stated that the surgeries have caused her health problems.

She also admitted to having low blood pressure, which she believes is the cause of her health problems.

Pictures of Nikita Jasmine’s Face Surgery

She flaunted her flabby waistline and stomach in a photo she posted in a hospital. The model was a regular girl who used to work at County Durham as a sales assistant. After her debut and first appearance on the show Married at First Sight UK, Nikita gained fame and was in the spotlight. She later appeared on the show Celebs Go Dating. Nikita also works as a model for the Belle Ragazza lingerie line. She’s also the owner of the website Onlyf.

The model posted and shared personal stories about her surgeries, claiming that they had gotten her into trouble. She also stated that she is frequently irritable, unable to sleep, and exhausted. Her doctors are attempting to control her low blood pressure and are making progress.

Pictures of Nikita Jasmine’s face surgery have gone viral on social media.

The reason for the model’s presence in the hospital is still unknown. Is she still on the premises for more procedures? Or is it because of her health problems? The model is said to be open to the public and has spoken about her surgeries on several occasions. She revealed that she has had liposuction all over her body, two full breast augmentations, enlistment of the butt (Brazilian), and nose surgery. She, too, has had her teeth whitened, as she was told.

Before and After Surgery Photos of Nikita Jasmine

From the year she debuted until now, her appearance has undergone a significant transformation. Her jaw is more defined, her cheeks are uplifted, and her nose is straighter than it was previously. Her lips are also a little swollen, indicating that she may have had fillers. The model is also seen showing off her body and curves. Despite everything, she claims she feels different than before and is experiencing minor health issues.

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