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WATCH: MPA Sania Ashiq Jabeen Video Went Viral on Twitter, Reddit

Sania Ashiq's PMLN Video and the Power of Misinformation

In the age of digital media, the spread of misinformation and slander has become all too common. Recently, a video purportedly featuring MPA Sania Ashiq, a prominent Pakistani lawmaker, embracing a man, purported to be her boyfriend, has circulated widely on social media platforms. However, upon closer examination, the truth behind this viral sensation reveals a different story altogether.

The PMLN Video Controversy:

The video in question depicts Sania Ashiq sharing an affectionate moment with a man, whom certain social media users claim to be her boyfriend. However, a deeper analysis reveals that the man in the video is none other than her father. This misrepresentation of familial affection as romantic involvement underscores the lengths to which individuals will go to tarnish the reputation of public figures.

Truth Behind Sania Ashiq's PMLN Video: Debunking Viral Misinformation

Fact-Checking Sania Ashiq's PMLN Video: A Case Study in Digital Deception

Sania Ashiq's PMLN Video: Unveiling the Reality Behind the Viral Sensation

Unpacking Sania Ashiq’s Profile:

Sania Ashiq Jabeen, born in Lahore in March 1993, is a notable figure in Pakistani politics. A pharmacist by education, she entered the political arena as a member of the Pakistan Muslim League (N) (PMLN). Her election to the Punjab Provincial Assembly in 2018 marked a significant milestone, as she became the youngest member at the age of 25.

Empowering Women Through Politics:

Sania Ashiq’s political journey is driven by a commitment to women’s empowerment. Through her affiliation with the PML-N, she advocates for initiatives such as the Violence Against Women Centre (VAWC) and Zewar-e-Taleem, aimed at uplifting and safeguarding the rights of women in Pakistan. Her dedication to this cause underscores the importance of female representation in governance.


The viral spread of the so-called “PMLN video” featuring Sania Ashiq serves as a stark reminder of the dangers of misinformation in the digital age. By distorting innocent moments and casting unwarranted aspersions, individuals seek to undermine the credibility of public figures like Ashiq. However, by delving into her background and contributions to women’s empowerment, it becomes evident that her legacy transcends baseless rumors. As responsible consumers of media, it is imperative to critically evaluate the information we encounter and strive for a more informed discourse in the public sphere.

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