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Watch: Man Chop & Slashed Woman In Singapore CCTV Video Went Viral

The rate of crime is rising every day. Nowadays, crime has become the most serious threat to society. This is a common occurrence in the news: someone robbed the bank, and someone killed the person. A case has recently been reported in which an elderly man was arrested for attempting to slay or murder. According to reports, the old man is 46 years old. He attempted this incident with a woman on Thursday. In the beach road area, an elderly man struck a woman. He used the chopper to attack that woman.

He hits her so hard that she bleeds and screams. So stay tuned to our blog page to learn everything there is to know about this incident, including the reasons for it and what happened to the women in this article.

Video of a Beach Road Chopper Attack

On the 14th of April, a dangerous incident occurred. An elderly man is seen hitting a woman with a chopper. He assaulted the woman several times, stating that he only wants to kill her and that he will not stop hitting her until she dies. People in the area try to help the old man, but he has a chopper, so no one can get close to him. However, many people try to save the women and date by using whatever is nearby, such as a dustbin signboard, to stop him.

CCTV footage shows a man chopping and slashing a woman in Singapore.

As we write, the man holds a lethal weapon in his hand, preventing anyone from approaching him. However, some of the people went to the cops. When the police arrived, they apprehended this man and placed him behind bars. It will be difficult for the cops to apprehend him. The woman who was hit by this old man, according to the police, was his wife. She is also 40 years old. Her motive for murdering her wife is still unknown. However, for more information, see the next paragraph.

His face and hand were covered in blood while he was hitting his wife. the anticipated motive for hitting his wife They are said to have some are you between them, and the men become enraged and frustrated, which he was able to control for a long time. However, the real reason came soon after. e began questioning and interrogating the man at the Press apartment. As a result, the true cause arrives quickly. Please take a break from driving for a while. For the time being, both men and women went to the hospital for medical help.

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