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Watch: Kak Long Hina Oku Video Goes Viral On Twitter

WATCH: Kak Long Hina Oku’s Video Goes Viral On Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram

Thousands of people have begun to strive for fame since social media has become a new platform for gaining employment and fame. Uploading a video of your own is the quickest way to gain attention. Since then, many videos have been uploaded and shared on a daily basis. Some of these videos become internet sensations, attracting the attention of netizens; others receive positive feedback, while others receive negative feedback.

One such video is currently circulating and causing outrage among social media users. Even before the controversy over “Kak Long 7E” being invited as a guest on the Al-Hijrah programme died down, the latest lady is said to have reignited it.

Video of Kak Long Hina Oku

Kak Long 7E, whose real name is Wan Nor Baizura, is said to have proposed the behaviour of people with disabilities in a viral video on Facebook. Thousands of people watched the 30-second video, which was accompanied by a deluge of comments condemning her actions. Indeed, some argue that Baizura has yet to repent of the previous incident as a result of posting such a video.


According to the news outlet, Al-Hijrah received a lot of backlash from the public after a photo of Baizura with Pencetus Ummah (PU) Isfadiah and Amin was believed to have been successful in the programme. Al-Hijrah, on the other hand, decided to postpone the event for a while.

Explained in Video: Kak Long Hina Oku

The Terengganu Personnel Development Association (POKUAT) has filed a police complaint against Kak Long 7E for allegedly mocking the disabled. POKUAT has 600 members (OKU). At around 09:30 AM on Thursday, Pokuat President Fakhruddin Zakaria filed a report against Kak Long 7E at the Kuala Terengganu District Police Headquarters (17th March 2022).




According to Fakhruddin, Kak Long 7E’s act of insulting the disabled by performing gestures and facial expressions in a video on Wan Noor Baizura’s Facebook page on the 14th of March 2022 was discovered after receiving a WhatsApp notification from friends.

“This police complaint was filed so that the lady understands that insulting, mocking, and ridiculing OKU is reprehensible and hurts the hearts and sentiments of all OKU,” he said on Thursday. When we are insulted by people who only want to increase their popularity and fame, her insensitive actions with the feelings of the disabled have made us furious.”

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