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Watch: ISLAND BOYS Making Out Video Went Viral On Twitter

Many things went viral during the pandemic because people were free to create and share. The twins from Florida were among them. These guys make music videos for a living and became famous during the pandemic for a song. People were ecstatic to see their comeback video songs, but that was before a video of them kissing went viral on the internet, prompting internet trolls to mock them for their questionable behavior. The boys became famous after their music videos went viral and people became interested in their music videos and lifestyles. Those who were unfamiliar with them must have heard of them as the Florida twins. When they went viral, their music went viral as well, and it was shared and remade.

Who are the Florida Twins, and what do they do?

They’ve been in the news and in the spotlight recently because they’ve released a new music video. However, many people found it offensive and difficult to watch because what they saw was difficult to digest. They are seen dancing and singing with two girls in their most recent music videos. They were kissing the girls and, much to their surprise, kis******sing each other as well. The video quickly became popular on the internet and was widely shared. People on the internet wanted to bleach their eyes after seeing the video, and there was a lot of trolling on Twitter mocking the twin brothers.

Video of Island Boys Making Out

Many people wished they hadn’t seen the clips, while others were still shocked. One Twitter user stated, “I’m done and that’s it for me on the internet today.” Another person said, “I want to unsee it, but I can’t get it out of my mind right now.” One said, “I’d like to wash my eyes with a bar of soap right now,” while the other screamed, “MY eyes, my pure Eyes!” For kissing each other, the twin brothers were mocked and slammed on the internet.

Video of Two Islands Boys Kis***sing

They had gained fame and charm in 2020 as a result of their music and charming personalities. But now, it’s all gone in a flash because of a video, and netizens took advantage of every opportunity to troll them with comments. They are powerful influencers because they use YouTube and other social media platforms to share their content. On their YouTube channel, they have over 100,000 subscribers. All of that is now in vain because of their views and power. They’ve now been made amusing, and nothing can be undone.

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