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Watch: HAPPY PEAR BREAST CANCER Video Viral On Twitter

February Central Ports big news is coming up where the food influencer the happy pear has consulted with doctors where they say they have to prevent their diet and people to avoid cancer recently David UN Stephen released a video on their social media platform where they were requesting humbly and they are cleaning to regard the food and cancer which has been medically proven one by the professional and it was blasted through the misleading and irresponsible work. This news has shocked everyone, as the happy pear brothers, David and Stephen, have come under fire for claims they made about their cancer, and they also shared a miss formation video of themselves.

Wikipedia and Biography of Happy Pear

They stated that it is misinformation, or in other words, that it is an ecological fallacy. Now they have to compare the other two groups, and they don’t even want to correct and sing me other factors that they have to do, whereas they say and if we take this case, we need to compare it very carefully, but it makes no sense to anyone, and the risk factor for this major disease, cancer, should be included, and people should consume a lot of milk and dairy products, as well as fats.

Who is Happy Pear, and where did he come from?

Dr. David, a science researcher and writer, believes that a duo diet certification should be issued and that it should be used to stress the fact that cancer is not a moral feeling, but rather a serious disease. He also mentions that people invite cancer through their lifestyle and the food they eat, and that they are responsible for their own lives, whereas the brothers’ video compared the breast cancer incident that occurred in the United Kingdom and the rates of women in high-income countries, such as Hong Kong and China.

On Twitter, there’s a video of a happy pear with breast cancer.

They are comparing these things to the population and not mentioning the standardisation and cross-comparison because it doesn’t make sense to anyone. Talking about cancer, it is a very big disease that causes ageing where they have seen that a woman in her 60s has to doubt herself and the risk factor is increased 100 times than a woman in her 20 they are comparing these things to the population and they are not mentioning the standardisation and cross-comparison because it doesn’t make sense to anyone this

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