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Watch: FOXTAIL PITTSBURGH Viral Video on Reddit, Twitter

As a result of these videos, the phrase “Foxtail Pittsburgh Viral video” is currently trending. They are curious as to what kind of content is contained in this video that is generating searches from all over the world. An inappropriate incident that was caught on camera is said to have occurred at the bar where the video was reportedly taken.


According to reports, the south side bar decided to close as a result of the controversy the video had sparked. The pub was shut down after a lewd video was widely circulated. The video of the obscene act was posted online, where it quickly gained popularity and attention, prompting more calls to the police on the south side. The “Foxtail nightclub” in Pittsburgh’s South Side is rumored to have closed down after Marty Griffin makes an appearance due to concerns over the viral video that was captured inside the establishment’s Skybar.

a viral video from Skybar Nightclub

While a bottle is being inserted into the woman’s body parts, the crowd can be seen cheering in the viral video. She lay on the ground with her nak* partially exposed. After that, these videos were posted online, where they received a tonne of attention and comments on social media. The caption for the video’s initial anonymous post was “Wine Bottle in V**ina.” After watching and discussing this offensive video, many viewers and commenters express shock. How could such a thing occur in public places, some people wonder?

Many people are curious to find out more information regarding the woman in the video and the individual who is inserting the wine bottle into her genitalia. After being present during the rampage, the general manager of the bar made a statement in which she expressed her disgust at the obscene act that had occurred. The county judge, Eugene Ricciardi, declared that it is imperative to close these objectionable, troublesome bars, reintroduce a lockdown, and impose limitations on the sale of alcohol.

The bar manager claims that participants have been banned from the Skybar permanently and that a police report has been filed. Although the video has been taken down from social media and an investigation is ongoing, many people are still attempting to locate the complete URL for the well-known video. After the police make certain information available to the public, we will update this section.

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