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WATCH: Dubai Porta Potty Video Stories Go Viral on Twitter, Creating Controversy on Reddit:

Thousands of videos are shared on social media every day, and many more are uploaded on a daily basis. Some videos capture everyone’s attention right away and become viral. One such video is currently the talk of the town, and internet users are eager to learn more about it. Keywords such as “Porta Potty Dubai Video” are now hot and popular. What is the ‘Porta Potty Dubai’ video about, and why is it so popular?

Twitter Video of a Porta Potty

The viral video snippets have elicited a variety of responses. The video stars a girl named Porta, who later became known as “Potty” and currently resides in Dubai. The video that has been the topic of conversation features the same girl engaging in some sort of odd s**ual behaviour. One of her friends revealed information about the same girl. The video and comments of Porta’s pals have gotten a lot of attention.

Twitter Video of a Porta Potty in Dubai

An unidentified lady who wishes to amass a large sum of money and live a lavish lifestyle like her acquaintances and pals. She claimed that she went to Dubai for a weekend excursion, and that the pleasure was multiplied by four because her affluent friend covered the entire cost. Later, the anonymous lady revealed that her colleague is a high-class escort who serves high-class clients in Dubai. She went on to say that she spent a weekend there and was repeatedly as***saulted by high-class citizens eager to form phys***ical relationships.

The video of a porta potty in Dubai has gone viral on Twitter.

In exchange for $40,000 GH 200,000, the nameless lady shared several other dreadful incidents, including being molested and eating human faeces. She added that after completing her task, she met with her coworker and thanked her for being a friend, and she gave her the name toilet, which she took without hesitation. Her friend Porta, she told me, drives a 2011 CL550 and lives in Newport Beach. The anonymous lady expressed her surprise that a girl who has not even completed her higher education is enjoying such a lavish lifestyle. She revealed that she aspires to live Porta’s lifestyle.

The unidentified lady approached her friend a few months ago, the same girl who approached her during the Christmas season and informed them of a trip planned for January 5th. She claims to have been accompanied by two other females. For anything they do on a weekend trip to St Bart’s, they get $40,000. She claims that she would not think for a second after hearing the amount because it is more than she earns in a year. She claims that her friend even warned her about this infamous occupation, but she is unconcerned about any of it.


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