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Watch Drunk Woman Abuse Cop Police Video Goes Viral On Social Media

Hello, all the social media enthusiasts, a video is getting widely spread on all the major social media platforms. The shocking video made all of its viewers aghast at seeing such inappropriate behaviour toward a police official. The video is featuring a drunk woman creating a nuisance on the roads. Well, this isn’t the first time when such kind of misconduct come to the attention of the audience. The entire incident ensued in Navi Mumbai ensued on 25th March 2022, however, the video of the video started getting viral after some months when it happened. Get more information on a Viral drunk woman assaulting a police officer.
If we talk more about the video, it is showing a woman who is under the heavy influence of alcohol and doesn’t have any idea what kind of misconduct she is doing. The entire incident started when the woman abused a cab driver. She created a huge ruckus on the road that gained the attention of the police officials patrolling in the area. One of the police officers tried to investigate the matter but the woman even started misbehaving with the cop.

Drunk Woman Abuse Cop Video Explained

As we mentioned above the heavily drunk woman tried to assault the cop she even snatched the mask of the cop and tried to kick him but failed as she got stumbled in the middle due to the influence of the alcohol. She throws the mask of the cop and uttering on the camera. Some onlookers are recording the video. Although the cop getting assaulted doing nothing and talking on the phone might call the female police officer. The woman is intentionally doing all this under the impact of alcohol. She lay on the road while some onlookers captured in the cameras.

The cab driver stated that the woman was abusing her all the way and she even tried to snatch the steering of the car and tried to control the vehicle. When the cab driver stopped the car and came out of the car the woman started abusing him again and pushing him. A Twitter consumer uploaded a series of 11 videos circulating on the Internet showing the misconduct of the drunk woman.

There were a total of three women disturbing the law and order at the time. It is assumed that all three women had been detained at the time and booked for imprisonment. However, there isn’t any official confirmation on the same.

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