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Watch: Dorka Juhasz’s Accident Video Goes Viral on Twitter

The UConn women’s basketball team was attempting to reach the Final Four against North Carolina when senior big Dorka Juhasz suffered a serious injury. Dorka Juhasz is a popular basketball player who is one of the best and most skilled in the world. She is currently making headlines all over the world due to her injury. The women’s basketball team at UConn is concerned about her safety. The team was also attempting to advance to the Final Four against NC State, but the team is stressed as a result of Juhasz’s injury. We will go over every detail of the player’s injury in this article.

Video of Dorka Juhasz’s Injuries

Basketball player Dorka Juhasz recently suffered a serious injury, according to sources. She was driving down the lane via contact and going up for a shot when she was knocked to the ground by the can, which landed hard on her wrist. She was clearly in pain on the ground, but it wasn’t until several replays that it became clear that her wrist had snapped upon impact.


The video of the incident has gone viral on the internet, with many people watching it and reacting to it. The player can clearly be seen in pain in the video. She was seriously hurt. Juhasz was rushed to the locker room after the frightening injury and had a cover placed over her wrist by the trainers. However, no official statement has been made yet; it is simply assumed that she will not return to NC State and will likely miss the remainder of the women’s NCAA Tournament.

Dorka Juhasz’s Injury Is Described in Video

Despite the injury, UConn looked like the old Huskies dynasty in the Elite Eight matchup, as they raced out to a 34-28 halftime lead over the Wolfpack, looking in complete control and on their way to another Final Four berth. Dorak Juhasz is a well-known basketball player who represents The Ohio State women’s basketball team at Ohio State University. In 2018, she joined the Ohio team. In the 2018 class, she was ranked as the No. 12 international player and the No. 5 forward. Her exact birth date has not yet been made public, but she is thought to be in her twenties.

She was born in the Hungarian city of Pecs, where she grew up with her parents and siblings. Keep in touch with us for more information.


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