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Watch: Davide Fontana, after Carol Maltesi’s death, a photo was published

The date is February 28th. Carol, aka Charlotte Angie, the porn star who died in Rescaldina, Milan, has already been dismembered and placed in a freezer that her killer purchased specifically for her and installed in her home. Davide Fontana, a 43-year-old banker and food blogger, the neighbour who brutally murdered her and then boasted about an erotic game that ended badly, has posted on his Instagram profile “uomo alla coque,” a cooking blog with over 13,000 followers. He captions a photo of a freshly cooked dessert: “Today’s tasting menu concludes with mozzamis,” he writes. And today, this term sounds like a truly horrifying coincidence.

He killed her in the following way:

Because Davide, a “totally normal” neighbour, had dismembered the body of that girl he met on Instagram with whom he had a relationship with a hatchet, in a three-day operation. Then he cleaned out the apartment and ordered a chest freezer from Amazon to store the remaining items. Carol’s body remained in that house for two months, until a Milanese banker stole Carol’s Fiat 500 and dumped her body on a cliff in Borno, Brescia, where he claimed he had gone on vacation as a child, according to the Carabinieri.

The 43-year-old continued to drive that same grey 500 for months after the murder, as if nothing had happened. And, as if nothing had happened, he responded to Carol’s phone messages as well as those on social media, where she had a profile with the stage name she had chosen for her work as an adult performer.

The duality of existence

He, a banker who also happens to be a food blogger, had a second Instagram profile where he only posted photos of young gils in revealing outfits and provocative poses, all with their stage names, in addition to the one dedicated to food. Carol, aka Charlotte Angie, last published a story on March 13, a week before her body was discovered on a cliff in Valcamonica. To the carabinieri, the 43-year-old – who describes himself as a “atypical ram, calm and rational but stubborn and determined to achieve his set goals” on his cooking blog – claimed that no one had tried Carol since her disappearance, despite denials from others.

When a friend and colleague, the porn actress Sabrina Ice, tried to contact her, he responded by saying he had left the hardcore world. After that, he proposed that he photograph her. The banker cultivated this activity on Instagram, where he invited people to contact him directly for any collaborations. «I aim for passion, experimentation, and exploration. His presentation was titled “Banality Bores Me.” Fontana was “a very normal boy,” the neighbours on the landing say, “always nice and quiet.” “All this time, he continued to enter and leave the house as if nothing had happened.” People across the street, on the other hand, recall a steady stream of young, beautiful girls coming and going. Carol was the same way.

“I hit her with a hammer,” says the erotic game.

According to the man’s story to the Carabinieri in Brescia, Davide killed Carol on the 10th or 11th of January. ” We were working on a difficult project. She was bound and wore a bag on her head. I began lightly striking her with a hammer all over her body. Then, for some reason, when I got to the head, I started hitting it hard. I have no idea what happened to me. “I believe she was already dead, but I had no choice but to slit her throat with a kitchen knife because I didn’t know what else to do.” «It was around 11 a.m., and I was in smart working mode. With my phone, we shot two videos ».

The first (“a nonviolent scene”) is still on his phone, while the second was deleted. On the first floor of the victim’s apartment, he tied the girl to a lap dance pole. With tape, he repaired her hands and feet. “I spent half an hour looking at her and then I went home,” she says as he resumes hitting her with the hammer until she dies.

What brought them together

«In October 2020, I met her in a hotel in Milan. I used to work in a bank, but my true passion is photography. I met her on Instagram and photographed her in her underwear. I lived in Milan with my wife until I decided to divorce her after I began dating Carol. We were in a relationship that was completely open. Onlyfans », a red light website, was where she sold hard movies and photos.

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