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Watch: Congress Leader Rahul Gandhi Nightclub Party Video Went Viral on Twitter & Reddit

A video of Congress leader Rahul Gandhi in a nightclub is currently trending on the Internet, and it is both interesting and controversial. The video was released tonight, and the opposition has already condemned him for his actions. He was recently spotted in Kathmandu, Nepal, where he was having a good time and talking to a lot of women. He is currently a member of the Wayanad Legislative Assembly. Is a fascinating character, and as we all know, there are hundreds of funny Facebook videos available. And he can be a source of amusement for politicians at times.

Video of Rahul Gandhi’s Party

He reportedly travelled to Nepal to attend the wedding of an office friend, and it is not a crime to attend the happy moments of your loved ones, as people should understand. Some BJP leaders have already made fun of him, claiming that he was spotted in a Mumbai nightclub, that he was inconsistent, and that he drank a lot of alcohol, and that he should not be the opposition’s prime ministerial candidate because he couldn’t handle himself.

The Nightclub Video of Rahul Gandhi Has Been L***eaked And Has Gone Viral

Politics can be filthy at times, and the opposition will do everything in their power to smear your name. This is the case here, where they began attacking him without knowing the true reason. Also, according to some other news outlets, he may have met with a Chinese diplomat in Kathmandu and had a lengthy meeting with him, but there has been no footage or evidence of that meeting. The BJP leaders were making jokes about him at the time.

Wikipedia and Biography of Rahul Gandhi

His party spokesperson defended him, claiming that he did not travel to Pakistan like Prime Minister Narendra Modi and that attending a friend’s wedding is not illegal. The video can be found on Twitter. In the video, we can see very colourful lights in a disco, and he is talking to his female Nepalese friend while recording a video with his phone. The next elections are in 2024, and everyone has already begun preparing for them. Things are going to get really dirty from hair, and everyone is going to levy accusations and counter-arguments against other parties.

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