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Watch Charmsukh Tapan Part 2 Web Series On Ullu App Online All Episodes

The second installment of the Charmsukh Tapan web series was just made available on Ullu App. Kajal Jha, Noor Malabika, Gaurav Rokde, and Neha Gupta play prominent roles in the cast of the web series Tapan. The web series is only appropriate for viewers over the age of 28. While Part 1 of Tapan was released on September 20, 2022, Part 2 will be released on September 27. YKO served as the series director.

Web Series Story: Charmsukh Tapan, Part 2

When Riya discovers Vaibhav and Payal dating, her desire for him is left unfulfilled. She conjures a web of lies to catch his eye, forcing Vaibhav to work out a deal with her that will satisfy both of their needs simultaneously in a win-win scenario.

The story will continue where part one left off in this chapter. In the third episode, Riya receives a call from Payal, but she doesn’t answer it because she is sleeping. So she called Rashmi and extended an invitation to her home to both of them.
Only Vaibhav made it to Payal’s house. Vaibhav spills the water Payal was giving him on his pant. Riya wakes up the moment she learns from her mother that her brother-in-law has gone to Payal’s house by himself.

The following scene then depicts Vaibhav and Payal having a sexual encounter. When Riya arrived at Payal’s house, she discovered the pair engaged in an erotic act. Then Riya starts to coerce Vibhav into having a sexual encounter with her. Watch the web series to find out whether Vaibhav will become intimate with Riya and whether Rashmi will find out about it or not.

The cast of the Charmsukh Tapan web series

Kajal Jha as Riya
Noor Malabika as Rashmi
Gaurav Rokde as Vaibhav
Neha Gupta as Payal


Web Series: Charmsukh Tapan, Part 2 Information

Title – Charmsukh Tapan Part 2
Cast – Kajal Jha, Noor Malabika, Gaurav Rokde, Neha Gupta
Genre – Erotic, Drama
Type – Web Series
Director – YKO
Release Date – 27 September 2022
OTT Platform – Ullu App
Language – Hindi
Country – India


The cast of the web series Charmsukh Tapan?

Neha Gupta, Kajal Jha, Noor Malabika, Gaurav Rokde

Release Date for Charmsukh Tapan’s Second Web Series Episode?

September 27, 2022

How to Watch Charmsukh Tapan Web Series Part 2 Online?

Get the Ullu app from the Playstore. Subscribe to the Ullu App to watch the web series.

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