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Watch: CCTV Video a Fainting Women Falls Under A Train Went Viral On Twitter

A piece of very frightening news is coming up, and a lady named Candela was, as usual, travelling the train from Buenos Aires like you, but that morning she fainted and collapsed on the edge of the platform from where the train was coming, and the people around her so her sentence on the track and witnesses that she died this was a very horrifying movement for everyone standing there and took everyone’s breath. Keep an eye out for the final article in this series to learn more about this horrific incident. The entire incident was captured on camera, with her falling on the platform where the people were and being managed after she lost her balance.

Video of a fainting woman falling under a train

Many of the people who were present and waiting for the train are still shocked, despite the fact that they were in shock two months ago, as evidenced by the footage of them raising their hands over their heads and reacting in a shocking manner. However, someone manages to ghar out and place the leader in a wheelchair before transporting her to the ambulance. Candela’s voice was ringing from high blood pressure, according to the doctor, and as a result of the situation, she was fitted over that station.

She says she was giving science and morning to the person in front of me, but they didn’t catch her words, and she smashed into the brain. She also says it’s like American, and she doesn’t know how I’m still alive and how I’m talking to you all.

The video of a fainting woman falling under a train has gone viral on Twitter.


For her, this is nothing short of a miracle. Fainting is a rare occurrence in which a person loses consciousness and becomes hot and sweaty. There are a variety of conditions that can cause fainting, including heart problems such as irregular heartbeats and low and high blood pressure. Painting is similar to a temporary loss of consciousness in which you already feel and see everything wide and black in front of you, your skin becomes cold and climbs, and you lose control of your body.

When this happens, people may have a history of heart attacks and have had heart surgery, and those who have hard disease may be seen to have irregular heart rhythm. In this situation, a person gives the sign, and the heart problem begins. It is the situation, and people are advised to lie down the person and elevate their feet. Although most people recover quickly, some people become ill after fainting.

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