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Watch: Ari Fletcher unintentionally posts a risqué video Viral

WATCH: Ari Fletcher Inadvertently Posts Embarrassing Video on Twitter and Reddit:

Ari Fletcher and MoneyBagg Yo have recently become internet sensations. They were covered by a number of TV news channels and social media sites. Ari Fletcher recently shared a viral video on her Instagram storey. After she posted it, her account was bombarded with nasty comments from multiple users. Some go so far as to say, “What was your rate?” and “I can spend any amount of money on your body.” Some say I’d like to spend one night with you.

In response to the comments, she responded on Instagram, writing, “The video is for CF (close friends), you guys are putting me in trouble, and I made trouble for myself.” As a result, I’ve decided to delete that video.

Ari Fletcher Inadvertently Posts Controverted Video

Ali responded to her on Twitter, saying, “I’m not talking about Bagh, please STFU.” One person commented on this, saying, “He doesn’t even want her anymore lol.” Another example: As a celebrity, I never mix up my close friend’s storey with my own. Here’s one more: you all claim she’s single. Her fans were trying to figure out if she and MoneyBagg Yo had broken up and she was looking for a new man. People interpret the comments based on their own perceptions.


Ari Fletcher explains why a risqué video was lea**ked.

When it came to their relationship, it was great. Their relationship was going swimmingly. Until this does not occur. They had some disagreements last night that escalated to a new level. De Moneybagg, Ari Fletcher’s husband. De Mario White was his real name. He is a rapper from Tennessee who releases raps on a regular basis. Some people enjoyed it, while others did not. But, in the end, he didn’t seem to mind and continued on his way. Prior to Ari, he dated Megan Thee Stallion, a rapper.


When he dated this girl is unknown. Furthermore, it was unknown whether this was her first or second girlfriend. Megan was his first girlfriend, according to some, and they dated during his college years, which Ari was unaware of. He also slept with her. He is now the father of eight children. But for the time being, let’s look at where they are and what they’re up to in their lives. All of them were strangers. If any new information becomes available, we will immediately update this article. Until then, keep an eye on this website.


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