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Watch: Alhaja Kaola Video went Viral On Twitter


Her ex-husband has described Alhaja Kaola as a s*x addict. She claims that her ex-husband is jealous of her and is currently attempting to destroy her life. According to a recent viral video, Akhaja Kaola and her ex-husband were seen on the internet. He was allegedly attempting to blackmail her, she claimed. Alhaja Kaola is a host of the Islamic programme Albayan with Alhaja Kaola on Fresh FM Ibadan. She is now embroiled in a feud with her ex-husband.

On Twitter, a video of Alhaja Kaola was lea**ked.

She is also the founder of Kaola Communications and Kalla Travel and Tours, both of which are well-known. Kaola recently revealed that her ex-husband tried to scare her into releasing n*de photos and videos of her and him a few years ago, and he followed through. It’s all part of his plan to ruin her life. After their divorce, Alhaja Kafilat Rufai, also known as Kaola, has a strained relationship with her ex-husband. They were married for five years and had five children before divorcing in 2019. Their marriage lasted only six years. They were separated for the seventh year.

Explained: Alhaja Kaola’s Viral Video

She eventually married after a long wait. Her ex-husband has a reason for doing this nonsense for her. He wants to give her a negative persona. He was allegedly attempting to blackmail her and exact revenge by releasing photos and videos that revealed intimate details about her genitals, according to her. She stated that she has no idea when his former husband recorded the videos during their marriage. She also claimed that he is treating her as a reward for destroying her life and career.

Kaola’s ex-husband accused her of what?

He did not accuse the businesswoman of making him the subject of viral videos and photos in their personal lives. He charged her with kidnapping her sister. Karla’s current husband died as a result of all of the allegations levelled against her. He stated that it is completely false and that nothing in it is true. Prior to the arrival of Kaola’s current husband on the online broadcast, she chastised Alhaji Sharafdeen and suggested that while they were together, she did not do much more with him.

In his recent interview, Alhaji Sharafdeen said what?

In regards to her ex-wife, he stated that she has two major issues. She has two characteristics: first, she enjoys s*x, and second, she is materialistic. She depletes her clients who travel to Mecca for the pilgrimage. When we went to Haji, he said that woman almost killed me with s*x. When I returned from Taiwan, she refused to tell me to rest until the next Tawwaf. This is not all that the ex-husband says; he says a lot more. It’s unclear who is correct at this point, and what the point of disclosing such nonsense is.

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