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WATCH: ALHAJA KAOLA Video and Photos Viral On Twitter


Hello readers, we’re back with more lea**ked photo news that’s currently trending. Yes, you are correct; we are discussing Alhaja Kaola, a well-known radio personality. People all over the world are wasting their time by talking about insignificant matters. It’s possible that some online videos discussing verification won’t show up. Alhaja Kaola’s video, for example, became a web sensation. She wanted to discuss the size of her private parts and whether it was really important to her to marry someone who didn’t have the right size.

Photos and video of Alhaja Kaola

It all depends on it, and it can make people nervous before they look up. The readers of this blog will learn everything she says in the viral video. So keep reading to learn more about the viral video. In a recent feud with her ex-husband, she filed a lawsuit accusing him of kidnapping her sister Maryam Rufia’s husband. Things are heating up, and people are passing judgement after long discussions about fighting lives and the “feelings” (in Alhaja Kaola’s words) of supporting them.


On Twitter, Alhaja Kaola’s video and photos were lea**ked.

She claims in the viral video that the woman has no reason to divorce her husband, but there are two reasons. The first is that he plays a minor role, and the second is that he is numerous (can not get a lady pregnant). She believes that husbands have every right to divorce their wives if they are unable to make them “feel” their intimacy. How do they determine whether or not someone is gifted? Her response is still a question.


Viral Video Scandal involving Alhaja Kaola

She also asked an audacious question: how can anyone tell if a private part of a man is “useful” to him? God has answered all the questions in religious books, according to Alhaja Kaola. We’re not sure why we think this is logical, but it is. It will be bigger if a ma has a big toe. If not, it makes no difference how big the man is; his big toe is small, and his part is small. When asked about the size of her private parts, Alhaja Kaola replied, “It depends.” Of course, people are worried about the wedding before it takes place.


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