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Watch: ALEX PASOLA Video Went Viral On Twitter & Reddit

People are mocked and bullied on social media, and there is no clear explanation for why people who behave in this manner cannot be depicted. Though some act in drama for the sake of fame and popularity, others are truly involved in something. Every day, a large number of sensual cases are reported. Social media influencers from New York City are featured in one of the videos going viral these days. Alex Pasola is a New York City-based social media influencer. He’s been active on the platform for several years.

Alex Pasola’s Video Has Gone Viral

A video of him being caught with a nak*ed man is going viral. The influencer stated that he has a response and an explanation, and that he will go live to explain everything. Despite the fact that he has given no explanation for the video, fans are speculating and becoming increasingly interested in learning the reason for its virality. Someone is seen holding the phone in the video, and the influencer is seated with a nak*ed man. Alex stated that everything is a lie and that he will return to it once he has cleared everything up. The video was taken with a cell phone.

Alex Pasola: Who Is He?

There are also a slew of other accounts claiming to know why the video was made. These accounts are bogus and have nothing interesting to say. Later, it was revealed that his wife was the one who posted the viral video. Yes, his wife shot and uploaded the video to Alex’s Instagram account. It was revealed that he had been cheating on his wife with a gay man, and that his wife had caught him. His wife got into the car and posted the video of Alex in which he was half-nak*ed. The influencer revealed that he and his wife are having some disagreements.

Why is Alex Pasola so popular on Twitter and Reddit?

The late-forties influencer is married and the father of a child. Fans were horrified to see the viral video, which has since gone viral and been shared widely on social media. His fans are eager to learn more about him. Despite the fact that he has yet to provide an explanation. His wife allegedly posted the video, and he lost all access to his social media accounts after his wife took away his phone. He stated that once he has access to his account, he will explain the situation on his Instagram live at some point.

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