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Watch: Adil Durrani publicly beat the Rakhi Sawant with her feet

Rakhi Sawant Beaten Video: A brand-new Rakhi Sawant video has appeared on social media and is quickly gaining popularity. Adil is seen in the video slapping Rakhi with her feet after she demanded a kiss.

Actress Rakhi Sawant continues to stir up controversy every day in the Rakhi Sawant Adil video. Once more, a new Rakhi Sawant video has appeared on social media and is quickly becoming popular. Rakhi is frequently photographed having a great time with the paparazzi as soon as she leaves the house. Similar behaviour was observed this time as well, but Rakhi has grown heavier this time in order to enjoy herself with her boyfriend.

Adil Durrani kicked Rakhi Sawant.

The paparazzi saw Rakhi Sawant and her boyfriend. During this time, Rakhi made an amusing appearance, and the actress abruptly began requesting kisses from her boyfriend. Adil enjoyed himself in this scenario as well. Adil bent her knee and jokingly smacked Rakhi’s back with it. Rakhi’s expression made it obvious that she felt extremely loud. Netizens claim that in this circumstance, Rakhi has a lot of opportunities to enjoy herself with Adil.

Response from Rakhi Sawant to Ranveer Singh’s nak*ed photo shoot

Rakhi Sawant also brought up Ranveer Singh’s nud*e photo shoot during this. Ranveer Singh’s motivation for being nud*e was explained by Rakhi Sawant. Rakhi Sawant became enraged and started claiming that Ranveer Singh had not taken any nud*e photos and that instead, nud*e was only in people’s eyes when they asked her about Ranveer Singh’s nud*e photo. My friend, he. Ranveer went to take a bath while the air conditioner was running because it was so hot, but a monkey had stolen her clothes. Currently, this video is trending on social media, and Rakhi Sawant’s flirtation is getting a lot of likes.

Marriage of Rakhi Sawant and Adil Durrani

Let us inform you that Rakhi and Adil’s wedding is eagerly anticipated by their fans. Rakhi frequently speaks about her upcoming nuptials to Adil, but she hasn’t revealed the exact date just yet.

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