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Viral Video: Model Urfi Javed exposed his body in front of everyone.

Urfi Javed Angry Video: Recently, a video of Urfi Javed appeared online. In it, she can be seen acting extremely irate. She has dressed awkwardly once more, but when she heard the comment, she became indignant.

Urfi Javed Angry About Paparazzi: Urfi Javed is constantly in the news for various reasons. Urfi Javed, a social media sensation, is renowned for her unique sense of style. Urfi Javed has established himself in this sense of style. Urfi exudes the utmost confidence in any look.

Her fashion sense is known to everyone, including Bollywood celebrities. However, other people find her attire a little unsettling, and they often make comments about it. Recently, something similar happened, and the actress was seen becoming enraged with the paparazzi. You are expressing your respect for him as he expressed it to the paparazzi. Let’s find out what the issue is.

unable to comment on clothing out of fear

Urfi Javed yells at the paparazzi during an event, accusing them of criticizing his clothing. You show me respect by making a comment like this. According to the actress’ statement in the video, some paparazzi claimed that the actress wore similar clothing today based on her appearance in the Jhalak Dikha Jaa television series. The actress has stated that if you must make comments about clothing, then refrain from doing so about your clothing in front of your mother and sisters.

lauded by Ranveer Singh

Urfi Javed’s sense of style in clothing has also been praised by Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh. The actor mentioned Urfi’s fashion sense in the episode of Koffee with Karan. Alia Bhatt and Karan Johar thought they were making light of the situation. The actor continued, saying that she never wore those clothes again and that her outfits were also very different.

Active on social media, Urfi

On social media, Urfi Javed is a very active user. She continues to post her stunning videos and photos to Instagram. Her sultry and hot avatar is popular on social media. Let us inform you that Urfi Javed’s fans are eagerly anticipating his new appearance.

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