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Video of a woman crushed to death at a gym in Mexico gone viral

WATCH: A Mexican woman was crushed to death at a gym. On Twitter, Reddit, and YouTube, a video has gone viral.

According to accounts, a mother attempted to raise the big barbell in front of her daughter, according to postings on the internet. The barbell is expected to weigh around 400 pounds, which is excessive. Miss, if you try to do that, you will injure your body and, even worse, you will break a bone or destroy your tissue, said a man standing behind her completing his usual workout.

A Mexican woman was crushed to death at a gym.

She began to do against her so-called health counsel. She heard a pop-up sound in the left arm of her shoulder as she attempted, and the barbell dropped on the back of her neck, leaving her slumped and motionless on the floor. The event occurred in a gym in Peralvillo, Cuauhtemoc, in Mexico City, the Mexican capital. The woman who was severely hurt has yet to be identified. Her age has been estimated to be between 35 and 40 years old, and she was working out at the gym when the tragedy occurred.



We can tell that she’s bragging about how bold she was in wanting to lower the males. A guy may be seen changing the device’s weights before the lady prepares herself to hoist it. But everything goes horribly wrong when the bar strikes her in the neck, causing her to be unable to stand on her own. The guy and the small girl, who was her daughter, tried to aid her by removing the barbell, but it was difficult to do so. Because it weighed approximately 400 pounds, which was ridiculous.

In a gym video, a woman dies.

Other guys came over and attempted to remove the barbell. The barbell had to be lifted by four individuals. They eventually pulled her off after expending so much effort and time. Some people said after she was freed that you shouldn’t raise too much weight on your body until you know your limits.

It was harmful to both you and your body. The state prosecutor’s office has launched an investigation into the terrible occurrence. We can’t get the gym owner’s identity right now, but it will be revealed after the cops accept full responsibility for the case.

Cops must also authenticate the woman’s identification and determine why she attempted to do so. A gym-goer has died as a result of being squashed. You must be curious to learn who she is and how she died. So, in this post, you will find detailed answers to the most often asked questions. A gym-goer had vanished while attempting to lift a big 400-pound barbell, which was about equivalent to the Gorilla’s weight.

Video of a woman being crushed to death at a gym in Mexico

She made an attempt to be lifted up or raise the enormous weight. She was doing so while her daughter was there at the gym with her. Fitness Sports gymnasium is the name of the gym in Mexico. On Monday, the internet with ladies took place, following which it began to spread throughout all social media platforms. However, the woman’s attempt to raise the barbell was unsuccessful.

It was so heavy that it toppled on her, crushing her neck against the curve, resulting in her death on the spot. Instead of taking place at the gym, this incident is videotaped and caught on camera. The video is now being shared widely on social media and on the internet. The woman’s height is short, and she was attempting to raise a hefty barbell, which clearly landed on her. She was working out at the Fitness Sports gym in Mexico.

Video of a Woman Who Was Crushed To Death Is Explained

While they were all engaged with their training, others were hurried to her to assist her. The barbell dropped her to the ground and died. Later, a man discovers this lady laying by his side and attempts to assist her. She was just 30 to 40 years old and clearly unable of bearing the weight she was carrying, yet she continued to hoist the barbell and met with catastrophe.

The bar slammed into the back of her neck, pinning her to the floor. Both the guy and the lady attempted to remove the barbell from the victim woman in order to liberate her, but their efforts were futile. The preliminary investigation into the event is still ongoing, and investigators are seeking to determine whether there were any other factors at play. So you’ll have to wait till the officials disclose the investigation results to learn more.

At a gym in Mexico City, a lady, who has not been identified but is believed to be between the ages of 35 and 40, was attempting to lift an 181kg Barbel in front of her daughter. In a Mexican City Gym, a woman about 35 to 40 years old attempted to lift 181 kg Barbel in front of her daughter, but she had to sacrifice her life. She was lifting a barbell weight of 400 lbs (181 kg). The gym’s CCTV camera recorded this event on film. The woman’s identity is unknown.

She was doing weights at the gym in Peralvillo, Cuauhtemocarea, Mexico City, in front of her daughter. The video has now gone popular on social media as a result of the event. Netizens got enthralled by the prospect of learning additional details and facts regarding the tragedy.

A guy, most likely a trainer, adjusts the weight on the gadget as woman assumes a position on the lift it in the popular video. When the weight became too heavy, the barbell fell back on the woman, crushing her neck against the bench and killing her instantly.

When the event occurred, the teacher was observed rushing to assist the injured lady, but he was unable to do so. Soon after, two people at the gym joined forces to raise the massive barbell, but it was too late. Authorities are allegedly providing psychological help to the woman’s daughter, who was apparently shocked by the horrible tragedy.

Following the incident, the local police department began an investigation into the entire scope of the occurrence. It may have been a one-time occurrence or something more serious. The Gym Oner has been detained by authorities in order to authenticate the woman’s identification, and an investigation is underway. There hasn’t been a single incidence caused by weight lifting.

A woman’s shoulder dislocated and her arm was shattered while doing a squat with 167 kg weight in 2020, similar to this instance. She was from North Carolina, and she was trying a squat while carrying hefty weights on her shoulder.

She was sent to the hospital after the event, where she underwent surgery to place a plate and many screws to hold her shoulder together. Her recovery took more than two months. Accidents involving weight lifting are not uncommon; they have occurred for many years, but they may become highly hazardous and result in death. As a result, before raising the weight, the individual must exercise caution and learn from prior experiences.

However, the inquiry is still ongoing, and we will update this post if we learn more about her.

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