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Video of a Plane Crashes at General Mills What Exactly Happened There? How many people died?

On Thursday evening, a small plane crashed in the parking lot of a General Mills plant in Georgia just after taking off. The plane took off from the Covington Municipal Airport around 6:45 p.m., according to sources, Covington Police Department Captain Ken Malcom said during a press conference. As you are all aware, the number of plane crashes has increased in recent months, and there was a time when we were obsessed with reading about them.

According to the statement, a witness (Malcolm) who witnessed the entire incident told police that the plane was a Cessna twin-engine propeller plane that had trouble lifting off and made the sound of an engine failure, after which the incident occurred. According to the source, the plane made a U-turn and crashed into the General Mills Plant, which is about a mile from the airport. He later claimed that the plane crashed in a remote area with semi-trucks parked nearby, with some of the trucks catching fire.

So far, no survivors have been discovered, according to Malcolm. He stated that the number of people on the plane was unknown at the time, and that police were working to identify the victims. It has also been discovered that the death rate was not as high as previously thought, and that many lives were saved because the plane did not crash directly into the facility. However, the investigation is still ongoing, and more reports, such as injury and death counts, are yet to be released. As we previously stated, news of plane crashes became the first thing to notice online a few months ago, and we were seeing crashes from India to LA on a daily basis.

Firefighters were still at the accident scene several hours later, attempting to put out the fire. Stay up to date with us for all the latest and live updates from around the world, as well as news on trending and viral topics like lea**ks and fashion trends.

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