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Who is Vanessa Raval – Age, height, Boyfriend, Net Worth, Physical Appearance

Vanessa Raval is a San Fernando, Philippines-born TikTok star, social media influencer, content creator, Youtuber, tattoo artist, and businesswoman. Vanessa is well-known across the nation as Jeric Raval’s daughter, according to sources.

Vanessa Raval was born to her parents in San Fernando, Philippines. The precise date of Vanessa’s birth is unknown. We put Raval’s birth year between 1998 and 2001. She ranges in age from 20 to 23. (as of 2021). Vanessa follows her Christian faith. According to sources, she continued her education in a reputable college in the Philippines. She then started working as a tattoo artist. She began using social media while still an undergraduate. Currently, Vanessa is a well-known tattoo artist and TikTok celebrity.

the trending Vanessa Raval video on Twitter

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As was already mentioned, the Vanessa Raval viral video has received a lot of online attention. Many scandalous tapes are circulating to damage the subject’s reputation. Some people might think it’s real, while others might think the video is a hoax. For the most recent updates, visit our page frequently.

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