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V Taehyung, a member of BTS, shares his celebrity crush, ‘Lily Collins.’

V has admitted that Lily Collins is his favourite Hollywood actress and celebrity crush (he also likes Rachel McAdams!). Furthermore, Taehyung has named Collins’ romantic comedy-drama Love, Rosie, starring Sam Claflin, as one of his favourite films of all time.

When Mindy Chen (Ashley Park) played BTS’ Dynamite during one of the recently aired Season 2 episodes, the BTS ARMY, who are also Emily in Paris fans, screamed with delight.

Two BTS members also acknowledged their appreciation to the show for performing their Billboard Hot 100 No. 1 song properly, à la Emily in Paris!

The two members in question were Bangtan commander RM and V. While RM posted an Instagram Story with a similar grin at the massive Dynamite number, V posted the same scene with his caption on Instagram.

Emily in Paris’ Instagram feed now has a black and white heart “TaeTae” badge of approval. Sharing Kim Taehyung’s Instagram storey (through Emily in Paris’ Instagram storey about Kim Taehyung’s Instagram storey!) Lily Collins aka Emily Cooper, the star of Emily in Paris, tweeted, “WE’RE IN THE STARS TONIGHT! #BTSARMY,” a reference to a Dynamite lyric.

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