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US politician Tulsi Gabbard Speech on Ukraine Video Goes Viral

Tulsi Gabbard’s Speech on Ukraine Goes Viral On YouTube and Twitter: WATCH: Tulsi Gabbard’s Speech on Ukraine Goes Viral On YouTube and Twitter:

According to reports, Tulsi Gabbard was pressing up to Ukraine to start a conflict, according to reports on the internet. Former Hawaii Democratic Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard has urged Vladimir Putin to halt his invasion of Ukraine, following her previous defence of Russia. Tulsi, who represented Hawaii’s 2nd congressional district in Congress from 2013 to 2021, took to Twitter to urge Putin to stop the bloodshed. Because it is clear that both the Russian and Ukrainian peoples desire to live in peace, I respectfully request that you halt this assault before it reaches a point of no return, resulting in unspeakable suffering.

Video of Tulsi Gabbard’s Speech on Ukraine

Dear Mr. Putin, Mr. Zelensky, and Mr. Biden: It’s time to set geopolitics aside and embrace the spirit of aloha, respect, and love for the Ukrainian people by agreeing on a neutral status for Ukraine. There is no military partnership with NATO or Russia present. In the non-Baltic borders, no Russian nor NATO soldiers were present. This would release the Ukrainian people from mental anguish and allow them to live in peace.

She has previously attempted to defend Putin. She was attempting to halt the war, but she was unable to accomplish it. She attempted numerous times, but every time she approached Putin, he refused. He had a reason, and he didn’t want to hear the rest of her storey. Another reason was that Russian soldiers had already been expanded and had reached Ukraine’s border. Putin has made it obvious that their security is at stake in this situation. They also oppose the presence of US and NATO forces. Putin also claims that Ukraine is not the country in question. It’s a piece of a little box that you can fold, take, hold, or throw away.

He also claims that he does not consider Ukraine to be a country. When it comes to specific regions of the country, he becomes egotistical. Right now, as you may have seen in many films and read in the web media, Putin is quite serious, and he has not reversed the country’s norms and regulations. He had already made up his mind to go to war. The Russian and Ukrainian peoples are currently in a precarious situation. They have no idea what they will do in this case. Gabbard also felt that the Biden administration wanted Russia to invade Ukraine so that punitive sanctions could be imposed on the US.

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