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Urfi Javed does a backless top dance to the popular song ‘Kacha Badam’

The current popular meme dance song ‘Kacha Badam’ must be recognisable to every Instagram user who views reels on a regular basis. Bhuban Badyakar’s modest peanut seller’s song has gone viral all over the world.

Thousands of Instagrammers are taking part in the Kacha Badam dance challenge, and online sensation Urfi Javed is the latest to get down to the rhythms. The ex-Bigg Boss OTT contestant wore blue jeans and a black backless halter neck shirt.

Check out the video below!

The original Kacha Badam video features Bhuban Badyakar, a resident of Dubrajpur, West Bengal, selling peanuts while riding his bicycle to several areas (kacha badam).

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