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Urfi Javed caught red handed by police while making adult film, video goes viral

Urfi Javed, a well-known TV actress, is one of the most talked-about women in the profession. Let us inform you that Urfi is quite active on social media, and she often shares some of her favourite posts with her followers. His admirers adore him for it.

On his post, fans are seen expressing a lot of affection. One of his videos has just become quite popular. In which the cops are shown apprehending him for filming an explic**it video. Urfi, on the other hand, claims to be “innocent.”

Let me tell you about a video that just went popular on social media. Rohit Gupta’s official Instagram account has published the video. Urfi walks inside an office and sits with a girl, as can be seen in the video. A casting director begins a conversation with him about the project. The director informs him that the footage is too well guarded.

He claims that everything about the picture, from the shooting to the casting, would be kept under wraps. Urfi accepts and invites the girl who is accompanying her out. The filmmaker then announces that the film’s title will be ‘Titanic.’

The director then informs Urfi that the project also features actor Ranbir Kapoor. He will, nevertheless, be viewed as a villain. Urfi is surprised as a result of this. The director then forces Ranbir to speak with him. At the same time, Rohit speaks to him in the actor’s voice. Urfi then inquires about the hero, to which the director responds that he is an outside country star. Following that, director Rohit arrives in the office with the artist. Which isn’t exactly a five-star rating. Urfi is taken aback when he sees this.

Urfi inquires about the director’s statement that someone from outside the country will become a big celebrity. On which he claims to be renowned. He was born in Uganda. After all of this, the director invites Urfi to audition. Both of them are holding auditions. Then there’s the arrival of the cops, who are concerned that something is wrong. Urfi had summoned him to make an explic**it picture, according to the director. Urfi’s face was worth looking at.

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