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Urfi and Poonam Pandey failed in the face of Anjali Arora’s bo*ldness

The Anjali Arora Body Images Anjali Arora’s MMS video recently went viral, but the actress later referred to it as fake. Today, we’re going to show you those photos of lockup stars, in which Urfi and Poonam Pandey appear to have been left out.

Urfi Javed is younger than Anjali Arora

Anjali Arora, who starred in Kangana Ranaut’s television series Lockup, is a hot topic right now. Recently, an MMS video that was associated with Anjali Arora went viral. Regarding this video, Anjali Arora has also provided clarification. Anjali Arora has continued to make headlines frequently ever since.

He is being discussed in a variety of ways, but it doesn’t seem to matter to anyone. Every day, she is seen using her social media handle to share a video or photo with her followers. Let’s now show you some of her old photos, in which she can be seen walking away from Urfi Javed.

Anjali Arora is adorable.

Anjali Arora, the star of “Lockup,” is well-known for her cuteness on social media.

Anjali appears gorgeous in a black dress.

In this photo, Anjali Arora can be seen wearing a black dress. which makes them look adorable.

Their smile of Anjali stole my heart.

Anjali Arora can be seen grinning in this photo, which is breaking the hearts of her fans.

Anjali Arora displays her legs.

Anjali Arora is seen showing off her legs in this photo.

Anjali hurts everyone by being a b*tch.

Anjali Arod is seen harming everyone with both her appearance and

Amazing Anjali figure

Any Bollywood actress would be jealous of Anjali Arora’s physique. This image demonstrates that.

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