upcoming drama starring Ahsan Khan and Hiba Bukhari

Ahsan Khan, the outstanding and well-known actor, has just revealed details about his future television project alongside the stunning Hiba Bukhari.

In his show Time Out with Ahsan Khan, he unveiled long-awaited details about his upcoming project. In this episode of Time Out, acclaimed actors Sarwat Gilani and Maherbano were welcomed as guests as he discussed his next project with outstanding actor Maherbano.

Concerning the drama, he stated that he is working on an Ali Faizan play for 7th Sky Entertainment. He stated that the drama was filmed in Swat. Speaking of the cast, Ahsan stated that it includes Rehan Shaikh, Shahzad Sheikh, Haris Waheed, Syed Jibran, Hiba Bukhari, Maherbano, Farhan Aly Agha, and himself.

He stated that they had a terrific experience filming the drama and that the entire cast had a good time. He believes the drama is too good since it tells a unique narrative about Pakhtoon culture, which people would like.

Meher Bano also stated that the play will be groundbreaking, citing the fact that they performed in Swat in harsh and difficult conditions. Ahsan further stated that the drama was shot in incredibly cold and frigid conditions for 25 days.

Ahsan went on to say that the play, which is based on Pakhtoon culture, will be massive. When asked about it, he claimed that they learnt a Pakhtoon dialect and altered their entire wardrobe.

Here is a link to the video.


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