Unknown attackers assault a News anchor Sami Abraham

Senior anchor Sami Ibrahim was attacked outside the Bol news office in Islamabad by unidentified assailants.

Sami Ibrahim was ambushed and tortured by the attackers as soon as he left the office on Saturday. A transgender person was among the suspects. In order to protect himself, the senior journalist entered the office.

Fayaz Chohan, a seasoned PTI leader, declared that he condemned the attack on Sami Ibrahim and the attempt to kidnap him.

According to eyewitnesses, the suspects were loitering there for a while. They claimed that the transgender had asked the anchor to give him money as soon as he left the office. The transgender began beating him on the chest after the senior journalist gave him Rs 100, and a man who was standing next to the transgender joined her in torturing the journalist.

Ayaz Amir, a senior journalist, was attacked earlier this month while returning to his home in Lahore by unknown assailants.

Senior Anchor Sami Ibrahim Par Hamla

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