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Ukraine – Russian conflict: Major General was killed

What was Andrei Sukhovetskiy’s cause of death, and who was he? In the midst of the war with Ukraine, a Russian major general was killed.

According to reports, more than 9000 Russian soldiers have died in the conflict, with Andrei Sukhovetskiy being the most prominent name among the 9000 Russian soldiers slain in Ukraine. This news surfaced just days before the second round of talks between Ukraine and Russia. As we all know, world tensions have risen as a result of the conflict between two neighbouring nations, Ukraine and Russia, and many lives have been lost on both sides. One notable figure who has perished in the conflict is Andrei Sukhovetskiy.Since the news broke, all of Andrei’s acquaintances, particularly those from Russia, have been startled.

What was Andrei Sukhovetskiy’s real name?

The news of Andrei Sukhovetskiy’s death broke on Thursday, and President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky announced the day before that Ukraine’s adversary countries had turned over 9000 troops. And now the name of Andrei Sukhovetskiy, who is said to have died in the war, is being mentioned. Andrei Sukhovetskiy’s death is without a doubt a big loss for the Russian army in the war because he was the Major General of the Russian battalion and the first top-rank army official to die in battle with Ukraine. Continue reading this article to learn more about the same headline.

Cause of Death for Andrei Sukhovetskiy

According to reports, the toll of Ukrainian army soldiers is substantially fewer than that of Russian troops; yet, other sources suggest that over 2000 Ukrainian soldiers have died in the fighting. While Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov stated that Russia’s military actions in Ukraine will not be halted under any circumstances, and that even peace talks will not be able to stop these operations in Ukraine. Apart from losing their lives, people are facing a slew of other challenges in their daily lives.


During the war against Ukraine, Andrei Sukhovetskiy was killed.

Because the Ukrainian government has banned the use of banking cards issued by Russian Federation banks and the Republic of Belarus, the NbU (National Bank of Ukraine) has likewise ceased the crediting of money from Belarusian and Russian banks’ payment cards. Cards issued by Russian banks in Ukraine are not allowed to be used for any type of transaction. The second round of peace talks between Ukraine and Russia is set for March 3rd, 2022, and all eyes are on it. Continue to check our website for further information.

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