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Udaipur Murder Viral Video on Twitter, Reddit & Youtube

Hindu sh0pkeeper b3h3aded in Udaipur

After a supporter of Nupur was killed in Udaipur, there is a tense atmosphere in the city. The road is being attacked by stone throwers. Two alleged murder suspects, according to the police, have been taken into custody.

murder in Udaipur on video

The government has established a SIT to look into the slaying of tailor Kanhaiyalal. This SIT includes SOG ADG Ashok Rathod, ATS IG Praful Kumar, one SP, and another SP. The SIT can begin the investigation on Wednesday morning, according to sources.

After the incident in Udaipur, internet service was discontinued throughout all of Rajasthan. There have been issued netbandi orders for the following day. In addition, Section 144 has been in effect for a month in all of the state’s districts. Late on Tuesday night, Chief Secretary Usha Sharma called a meeting and ordered all Divisional Commissioners, Inspector Generals of Police, and District Collectors to maintain extra vigilance throughout the state. On the other hand, an NIA team has headed to Udaipur to look into the situation.

Explained in the Udaipur murder video

Curfew has also been imposed in the Jaipur division in addition to Udaipur. According to the decree, internet access will be unavailable for the ensuing 24 hours in Udaipur, Alwar, Dausa, Jaipur, Jhunjhunu, and Sikar. There are worries that it might be prolonged further, though. However, according to the police, two suspects who were involved in the murder have been taken into custody. One is identified as Gos Mohammad’s son Rafiq Mohammad, while the other is identified as Riyaz’s son Abdul Jabbar. Both defendants are residents of Udaipur’s Surajpol neighbourhood.

After Nupur Sharma supporter Kanhailal was killed, the uproar persisted. By demonstrating in the streets, people are denouncing the murder. Along with this, numerous locations have also reported arson and stone-pelting incidents. Contrarily, curfew has been imposed as a preventative measure in seven police station areas. Additionally, internet access has been turned off for the following 24 hours. More than 600 police officers and two DG level officers from Jaipur have been dispatched to Udaipur.

Ashok Gehlot, the chief minister, has pleaded with the populace for peace. “Condemn the heinous murder of a youth in Udaipur,” he wrote on social media. All those responsible for this incident will face severe punishment. The police will investigate the crime thoroughly. I urge everyone to keep the peace. Every person responsible for such a heinous crime will receive the harshest punishment. I beg everyone to refrain from trying to ruin the mood by spreading the video of this incident. The criminal will succeed in his goal of fomenting hatred in society by sharing the video.

Viral Twitter video of the Udaipur murder

The incident happened in the Dhanmandi neighbourhood of the city’s Bhoot Mahal neighbourhood. Here resident Kanhaiyalal owns a tailoring business. He was working in the shop on Tuesday with his coworkers. Two Muslim youths arrived on a bike during this time and began measuring him for clothing. After that, someone suddenly brandished a weapon. At around seven blows, he passed away. Ishwar Singh, his partner who rescued him during the attack, also sustained serious wounds. He has been admitted to the city’s MB Hospital for medical care.

YouTube murder in Udaipur

A social media post was shared by Tailor Kanhaiyalal. In doing so, he backed Nupur Sharma’s contentious remark. Following Kanhaiyalal’s murder, two videos are going viral on social media. One of the murders was captured on live video by the assassins. In this, Kanhaiyalal is pleading. Both young people confess to the murder in the second video at the same time.

Live coverage of the Udaipur Murder Case: In Udaipur, Rajasthan, a man was slashed to death for endorsing Nupur Sharma’s divisive statement. On Tuesday, two young people entered the tailor’s shop under the pretence of taking the fabric’s measurements before striking the man with a sharp object. Heavy blows caused his neck to be severed, and he passed away immediately. Ishwar Singh, another one of his coworkers at the shop, suffered serious injuries as a result of the assault. He is receiving medical care at MB Hospital.

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