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Tysons Corner Mall Shooting CCTV Footage Video Suspect Name Images

A horrific incident that ensued near Tysons Corner Mall has been recorded on the camera that is circling all over the Internet. The spine-chilling footage video is strolling on the timeline of social media platforms. The video has become the talk of the town lately and makes the audience curious to learn more about the accident. The CCTV cameras installed there recorded a shooting incident. A dispute has been sparked between the two rival groups and it turned out extremely viole*nt that they bring out their firearms and started shooting.

The reports proclaimed by the media asserted that the incident that occurred on Saturday, 18th June 2022 in broad daylight at around 2:47 PM a fight occurred between two facets at the Tysons Corner Mall. The people present there had witnessed the terrible incident and even got petrified. The entire incident gained the attention of the Fairfax County Police department and they arrived at the accident spot but fortunately, there were no casualties reported in the mall. The police officials approached the mall and released some crucial information regarding the shooting lately.

The entire incident ensued on the second floor of the mall when two groups of three men in each clashed against each other and started firing in the mall informed the Fairfax County Police department official Kevin Davis responded to the complaint of the shooting. The investigation officer analyzed the CCTV cameras and tried to figure out the culprits. They also found empty gun shells in the mall. No one was majorly injured except three people were trying to leave the mall on Saturday. However, the people weren’t injured by gunshot however, they got insignificantly injured during the chaos that occurred after the shooting.

The mall was evacuated by the police officer and closed the mall for the entire day as the investigation was going on. A dedicated investigation was deployed to conclude the case and chase the suspect. None of the arrests has been made so far, but the police department has affirmed that they will soon take down all the culprits and will provide stern punishment for disturbing law and order.

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