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TYA POSLEY Video Viral On Twitter & Reddit, Why She Was Arrested?

Raising a child can be difficult at times, and it can be aggravating when the child refuses to listen to what the parent says, but children are innocent, and they deserve to be cared for and raised by the best parents possible. Being there for a child all of the time has a big impact on them. The choice of language to use and the teaching of proper behavior to children should be based on the child’s parents. The following, on the other hand, isn’t quite as impressive. A woman from Florida was arrested after a viral video of her behavior surfaced. Tya Posley, 23, was arrested on Tuesday after her video on Twitter went viral and she was charged under child abuse laws.

Tya Posley: Who Is She?

The child, who was about a year old at the time, was taken into protective custody after the mother was arrested and charged with child abuse. Posley can be seen in the video saying abusive things to the child and slapping the one-year-old. “Your dad wants to post shit, and he isn’t answering my calls,” the mother was overheard saying. She then slapped the child across the face and back, saying, “I hate you.” The video went viral, prompting police and child care officials to respond. She was arrested later that day for child abuse and using abusive language.

The video of Tya Posley has gone viral on Twitter and Reddit.

Children should not be abused, especially when they are beaten. She was clearly breaking the rules, and she was venting her rage on an innocent child. People on Twitter reacted quickly and commented, with one saying, “She needs to be arrested, and what kind of parent is she?” Take away the child’s custody from her. Another person said, “Please arrest her and look after the child.” She should be punished.

Why was Tya Posley detained?

People were outraged because she had the audacity to go online and post the video while disparaging the child. What if she continues to abuse the child and we are unaware of it? The police took care of the child and checked on him as soon as they entered the house; luckily, there were no bruises or wounds that indicated abuse.

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