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Turkish Pop Star Gulsen Controversy And Charges Explained

We’re about to break some major, shocking news: Supposedly, Gulsen has been taken into custody. She is a well-known pop star in Turkey. After disparaging the nation’s Islamic high school system, she was detained. Her arrest was recently reported online, and the news quickly went viral on several social networking sites. The news of Har’s arrest has shocked her fans. Discussions have centered on this news. Her name is currently popular on social networking sites. Many people have a strong desire to learn all there is to know about the news. Let’s move on to the next section of the article where we will share more news-related information with you.

The singer was kicked out of her home for “inciting hatred and enmity” after making jokes about the religion president Recep Tayyip Erdogan practices, according to the exclusive report. Since the singer-songwriter apologized for her remarks on social media. Gulsen, who is referred to as a “Turkish Madonna” in the industry, was detained on August 25, 2022, Thursday after a video of her making a negative remark about a fellow crew member during a performance went viral on social media. Please read the entire article because you have come to the right place for accurate news information.

What Led To Gulsen’s Arrest?

The 46-year-old singer has also asserted that she is a fellow artist. Imam Hatip schools are a sensitive subject in the nation due to the numerous se*xual assault scandals that have involved the network of religious schools. The same nefarious activities were reportedly taking place with public funding, according to the report. Gulsen apologized to her numerous millions of followers on social media after the arrest warrant was issued. She claimed that she didn’t mean to hurt anyone or cause conflict. For more details on the news, scroll down the page.

She added that she had apologized to everyone who had been offended despite “defending the freedom of expression” with her joke between coworkers. ” For “inciting people to hatred and hostility,” Gulsen was taken into custody. The singer, however, refuted my country’s values and sensibilities when questioned. Best known for fusing pop and traditional Ottoman music, the Turkish singer. Her hit producers include Bangir Bangir, Emrin Olur, and Dan Dan. In 1995, she issued her debut album. All the information we had has been shared here.

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