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Trisha Kar Madhu Full HD Viral Video on Twitter, Reddit

Trisha Kar Madhu, a Bhojpuri actress, shot to fame when her Video went viral online.

She was seen in a bedroom in the popular video with an unnamed man. The actress appears to be back performing for her fans at the moment.
The item song Trisha has now created, “Ka Kare Coaching Jalu,” has been well received by the audience. Sunny Gehlori is the singer, and Sai Prakash wrote the music.

The actress recently announced the track on Instagram and shared a clip from “Ka Kare Coaching Jalu.” “#janilekahearajalu #raushansingh #trishakarmadhuofficial @raushansinghsh,” she wrote in the caption.

In August, the actress’s 22-minute Video went viral and stunned online users. She has since become a target on social media. Trisha and an unidentified man were seen cuddling in a bedroom in the popular Viral video. She became embroiled in a debate over the act, which drew criticism. After the video went viral, she also appeared on social media to express her regret for her actions.


Shocking! Following the Viral of Trisha Kar Madhu’s Video, Shilpi Raj’s Video was released.

Shilpi Raj, a Bhojpuri singer, has made headlines due to her Viral video. Recently, a video of Shilpi and her boyfriend in an off*ensive position began to circulate on social media. The video clip went viral as soon as it was uploaded to the internet. Shilpi has since shared a video in which, while sobbing, she begs internet users not to repost the Viral video. “I have a happy marriage here, and there is a happy atmosphere here, but there is absolutely no happiness.” Shilpi said, “I feel weird.

She asks the internet users to remove the video and not reshare it while implying that she has become the victim of a conspiracy. I haven’t come forward on my own, she declared. You guys have me in line now. You have my love. I once sang in the classroom. People are having issues now that I’ve gained some notoriety. She continued, crying, “Why are you uploading filthy videos to YouTube?” Nothing is making sense to me. People are asking who your boyfriend is and making derogatory remarks. kindly remove that video.

She is not the first person in the Bhojpuri industry to have their Viral Video exposed on social media. Trishakar Madhu, an actress, was upset when her priva*te video of her with a man in a compromising position Viral earlier. Trisha Kar Madhu took to her social media account to share her statement after her Video went viral on the internet. She wrote, “Khuda sab dekta hai, muje gerane k leye meri private video viral kar deye, aap ki Sister k sath koy sadi kar k or aagle din #suhagrat ka video viral kar de to ba The phrase “Bihar me iatna gatiya kuch log v hote hai” is used.


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