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Today’s episode of Udaariyaan is on May 26th, 2022.

The 26th May 2022 episode of Udaariyaan will feature high-octane drama as well as some enthralling activities that will make you feel ecstatic. As Jasmine prepares to carry out her plan to kill Fateh while trapping him, she realises that once he enters her trap, all of the doors through which he could escape will be shut. She also makes Taniya understand all of this by stating that no matter what happens, Fateh will not be able to refuse her this time. Taniya is taken aback when she hears her statement because she had never considered all of these possibilities.

Simultaneously, Jasmine decides to emotionally blackmail the entire Virk family into agreeing to force her to marry Fateh, and Taniya decides to support Jasmine because she is pregnant and her unborn child requires the love of a father. As a result, she assures her that she can call her whenever she needs her, as Taniya feels sorry for her because Amrik is no longer among them. Jasmine believes that the first step has been taken because Taniya has agreed to assist her in all of these matters.

Meanwhile, Jasmine gathers everyone in the sitting area and begins an emotional drama while crying, asking Khushbir Singh, with whom she will spend the rest of her life and who will accept her child to feed him with father’s love, to feed him with father’s love. Everyone in front of her clasps their hands in front of her and apologises, and she smiles inwardly as her plan comes together. Then Khushbir Singh announces that he will arrange for her to marry Fateh so that the matter can be resolved within the confines of the four walls. Fateh, too, will feed Amrik’s child with great affection because he has feelings for Amrik.

On the other hand, after leaving the place, Jasmine makes a big plan, and Taniya overhears her spontaneously as she crosses her room. As Jasmine stated that she would create more drama by stating that she wishes to have an abortion, everyone began to pay more attention to him. Taniya is stunned when she hears everything because she never imagined Jasmine could create such a terrible drama. As a result, she initially wonders if she is making a mistake by assisting her, so don’t miss it on Colors at the appropriate time and stay tuned with us for more information.

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