Today’s Episode of Naagin 6 is on May 1st, 2022. Seema is exposed by Mehak?

Hello, all Naagin fans, we are finally here with all the latest updates on your favorite television drama “Naagin Season 6,” as the 1st May 2022 episode is bringing the high-voltage drama as well as those unexpected activities that will make you feel out of control. Yes, you read that correctly: Pratha will trap through Maha-Asur, including Naagmata; in other words, the broadcasting will be more amazing than you could have imagined for the episode. Because she has a connection with the “Naaglok,” some speculations claim that Naagmata’s character will be negative.

After a while, Pratha discovers that Maha-Asur lives in the same house as them, and she realizes that she must figure out his face as soon as possible, before it’s too late. Meanwhile, she mentions that a sword of death hangs around Rishabh’s neck as well, as demons are aware of their every move, but that as long as she is here, she will not allow anything to happen to Rishabh. In short, Pratha swears to protect Rishabh and her family, but her concerns are compounded by the fact that no one knows who is the most powerful demon among them.

At the same time, a few essences of Seema’s true self are revealed in front of Pratha and Mehak due to her changing behavior, which is still a source of concern. As a result, Pratha asks Mehak to keep an eye on Seema’s every move because something is wrong with her, according to her. As a result, whatever happens, they will have to get everything. Mehak agrees with her and makes it a point to find out everything because they need to save their “Naagmani” and thus can’t trust anyone else but the two of them.

Despite all of this, Mehak dislikes Rishabh and Pratha’s relationship because she knows that no matter what happens, a human and a Naagin cannot be life partners because they would have to be separated every day. As a result, she wonders what she can do for them as well, so that they can keep a safe distance from each other. However, she should initially concentrate on her goal of learning everything there is to know about Seema, so let’s see what happens next.

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