TikToker Zulqarnain Sikandar removed his YouTube video, After receiving criticism

Internet users have criticised TikTokers Zulqarnain Sikander and Kanwal Aftab for their vlog in which they denigrate and mock pregnant women.

For young people in Pakistan interested in pursuing careers in the entertainment industry, TikTok has emerged as a crucial forum.

The couple can currently be seen vlogging together on a variety of social media platforms. They had already updated their audience with a few videos on their channel to inform them of a new stage in their lives, and the channel was already fairly busy.

The two TikTokers are thrilled to enter the next stage of their lives as they prepare to become parents and are looking forward to starting this new chapter.

However, the content that the duo releases is riling up fans to a greater and greater degree. A significant amount of critical commentary is being posted about their vlog videos on various internet forums, especially their most recent video.

In a video, Kanwal complains about feeling sick to her stomach and even throwing up as a result of being pregnant. Kanwal is feeling sick as a result of her complaining. When Zulqarnain makes jokes, on the other hand, he does so in a way that isn’t particularly funny.

People condemned the TikTok couple in the comments section of the video for posting inappro*priate material and wasting everyone’s time, the latter of which was not a very appealing phrase to viewers.

Watch TikToker Zulqarnain Sikandar removed Viral Video

It’s Hard to Travel With a Pregnant Wife You can watch it on Yeh Vlog Zulqarnain Sikander’s channel.

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