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TikToker star Bhola Record denied all allegations

According to local media reports, TikToker Nabil Akram alias Bhola Record summoned the woman, a Lahore resident, to a private hotel and se**xually attacked her. Further investigations are being conducted as a result of the victim’s claims, according to cops.

In a video clip in which he can be seen talking to another person about the incident, the social media celebrity known as Bhola Record, on the other hand, denies the charges.

The whole thing, according to TikToker Nabil Akram alias Bhola Record, is a failed attempt to discredit him after he rose to popularity through immoral recordings with ladies in a foreign nation.

TikToker Nabil Akram alias Bhola Record shared his side of the storey, saying the complainant had previously made similar charges against Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid and controversial figure Mufti Qavi.

He went on to say that he never pushed or blackmailed the woman into seeing him since she wanted to marry him. During her stay at the exclusive accomodation facility, ‘Bhola Record’ said that he recorded several movies with her.

The incident is the second in a succession, as ‘Bhola Record’ was caught by authorities in 2018 for rapping another female. The complainant, a Wazirabad resident, said Nabeel enticed him for a job and se**xually attacked her at his home.

FIR registered at Ghalib Market’s police station, the victim woman named Shaista Talib

Bhola Record First Statement After FIR From Shaista Talib gulf Pakistan


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