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TikToker Sehar Hayat harassment complaint to Kashee salon

Sehar Hayat, a TikToker, has accused Kashee Salon management of bullying her.

The TikToker claimed that she had been harassed by the salon’s management, but the salon’s owner flatly disputed the charges. So, what occurred, exactly?

Allegations made by Sehar Hayat

Hayat took to social media to accuse Kashee’s of not only bullying but also harassing her during her visit to the salon, and she posted a video on her account.

According to the influencer, she was invited to the salon numerous times, but when she arrived, she was made to wait for hours and then treated cruelly by the personnel, who were all from Karachi.

She alleged that the salon’s workers had mistreated her. She further advised her fans to immediately boycott the salon and to avoid using Kashee Salon in Lahore.

Sehar Hayat has also responded to the exposé, including phone conversation recordings and messages.

Kashee salon side of story

The owner of Kashee’s decided not to remain silent about the situation, and took to social media to publish the TikToker’s few videos from the salon’s CCTV footage, in which she can be seen chilling in the salon. She can be seen dancing and making TikTok videos while freely roaming the salon.

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